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PetTherapeutics™ Comfort Pads:

The most advanced bedding technology is not just for humans anymore.

Inspired by the latest technology in sleep comfort for people, PetTherapeutics™ offers a line of comfort pads for dogs, designed to indulge them in relaxation and well-being. Portable and easy-to-use on their own, or in crates, carriers, pet beds and even on furniture. Great for car travel, too.

Clifton, NJ (Mar. 4, 2016) – The latest advances in comfort technology….just went to the dogs.   Literally.  Enchanted Home Pet, creator of innovative pet products, has taken a hi-tech approach to providing pets with the ultimate in relaxation and comfort with their complete line of PetTherapeutics™ products, including one designed specifically for car travel, and another for protecting furniture.

The four featured products are all “comfort pads,” each one delivering a specific benefit that satisfies a dog’s natural instinct to look for the most comfortable place to rest. All four “pads” also incorporate memory foam for added comfort and support.

“Each of these four pads uses a unique type of technology to provide a high level of comfort and therapeutic benefit,” says Fred Silber, CEO of Enchanted Home Pet. “There is a real science to the way they work, that will undoubtedly offer the ultimate in comfort for your pet, no matter where they enjoy resting most.”

TheraWarm™ Comfort Pads ($49.99) utilize the latest in thermal reflective technology with the unique OptiWarm ™ design that reflects and radiates your pet’s natural body heat, providing the optimum degree of warmth.

TheraCool™ Cooling Gel Pads ($99.99) are designed with CoolPhase ™ gel cells that activate on touch.  As soon as your dog lies down on the pad, the gel cells begin to absorb and dissipate excess body heat, keeping the pad at a perfectly cool temperature; and it’s so much more comfy than lying on a cold, tile floor.

Based on the legendary properties of magnets, MagnaPetic™ Magnet Powered Relief Pads ($79.99) are interwoven with 800-gauss strength magnets designed to form a magnetic field that may help with circulation and chronic pain.  On-going studies continue to research the benefits of magnets for humans…and now, thanks to PetTherapeutics™, it’s your dog’s turn to tap into that healing power.

Speaking of healing, the OrthoPetic™ Foam Comfort Pad ($99.99) utilizes dimensional memory foam with pressure point construction to provide unmatched support, heat retention and comfort. Designed with a unique honeycomb pattern, it can also help relieve pressure points in our older companions who may be suffering from aches and joint pain.

The other wonderful products in this line are the TheraWarm™ warming blanket, also with OptiWarm™ technology, designed to wrap your pup in radiant warmth; the TheraCool™ Cooling Gel Tri-Core Memory Foam pet bed that combines the luxurious features of CoolPhase™ gel cells and charcoal-infused memory foam into a beautifully designed pet bed; the TheraWarm™ Sofa Bolster and Furniture Protector that does double duty as a self-warming pet bed and beautiful quilted furniture protector and finally, the Sturdy Back Seat Extender with Storage that makes car travel safer and more comfortable for your dog.

“We are thrilled with our extended line of PetTherapeutics ™ products and will continue to offer ways for pet parents to provide the highest-level of comfort to the furry members of their family.  That’s why we say all our products have been engineered for comfort… but ultimately we’re motivated by love, to give our pets all the comfort they deserve.”

About the company

Born from the determination to develop high quality, innovative products, Pet Therapeutics™’ attention to detail, design and functionality is unmatched by pet products anywhere. Based on the functionalist approach to architecture and design, everything we create embodies the idea that ‘form follows function’. Our top priority is designing and manufacturing products with exquisite style and a high degree of functionality.