Reasons to Use Anxiety-Calming Dog Sofas in Your Business

Reasons to Use Anxiety-Calming Dog Sofas in Your Business

Just as people have become more aware of the importance of self-care, whether physical or emotional, there is also an increasing awareness and emphasis towards the overall well-being of their pets. Calming anxiety in pets is an important key to their health and general comfort.

During the height of the Covid pandemic, when the country was in lock-down and much of the workforce remained at home, working remotely, many people felt this was a great opportunity to get a pet. Across America animal shelters never saw such a surge in pet adoption as during this time. Unfortunately, many families were not prepared for the anxiety their adopted pet arrived with.

During this time, many puppies, rescues and adopted dogs found themselves in homes where someone was often with them 24/7, and they enjoyed the comfort and security of being with family full time. Many of these dogs never had to spend time alone. Being around a family was comforting, especially after leaving the adoption network.

Once things started to return to a bit of normalcy and the population began to go back to work outside of the home, many dogs were left alone, or sent to dog day care or boarding facilities while their parents worked. There in a new environment, with unfamiliar people and dogs, a new level of stress was introduced. Plenty of pet owners noticed that separation anxiety among their pets increased as they left their pets, and they began seeking anxiety-calming remedies and devices. Dogs who were suddenly left alone, became anxious and often acted out in response, resulting in destructive behavior, nervousness, and despair. Having a safe space to rest and sleep is so important to calm and settle these pets.

Reasons to Use Anxiety-Calming Dog Sofas in Your Business

In general, calm and secure dogs have fewer behavioral issues and are typically happier and better adjusted socially.

What Are Anxiety-Calming Dog Beds?

For pet day care & boarding facilities seeking solutions to alleviate anxiety for the pets in their care, they can begin by looking for a comfortable, anxiety-calming pet or dog bed to offer their stressed-out dog clients a safe, cozy space to feel more relaxed and content in. When dogs feel safe and secure in their bed, it is in part because their natural instinct is to seek out a den-like space just as their mother provided when they were pups. A den-like space feels safe, and the dog feels calmer with less anxiety. When dogs find this comfort, it creates a soothing effect.

There are a few key features to look for in an anti-anxiety dog bed.

Orthopedic memory foam

Dog beds that include orthopedic memory foam create an additional level of support for our furry friends. This allows pets to find their perfect spot where they want to settle down, which in turn creates a soothing and comfortable place to rest.

High-raised sides

Calming dog beds should have high-raised sides which create the feeling of security and protection that calms and reminds an anxious dog of the den-like environment. The contour shape of the three high sides surrounding the bed fosters their natural instinct and desire to feel safe.

Why Bring Anxiety-Calming Dog Beds into Your Business?

Using anxiety-calming beds for dogs in your business can have several benefits. Whether your business is pet hotels & boarding, a pet daycare, grooming salon, veterinary office, or even a pet-friendly office, providing a calming bed for dogs can create a more pleasant and stress-free environment for both the dogs and your staff or patrons.           
Here are some thoughts about why to include these calming beds in your establishment.

Unfamiliarity with a new environment

When a dog enters a new environment away from home and is faced with unfamiliar people or other dogs, this can be a stressful experience. Providing a secure and comfortable place for them to rest can relieve their anxiety and help keep them calm and less distracted for the duration of their stay.

Over-stimulation with other dogs

Very often when one dog in an environment with multiple dogs begins to get excited or disruptive, it triggers the same behavior in other dogs. When anxiety-calming dog beds are used for the dogs, it sets a tone in the atmosphere that lets each dog find their place to settle comfortably, relax and ultimately relieve their anxiety.

Reasons to Use Anxiety-Calming Dog Sofas in Your Business

Pet parent appeal

When dog parents are looking for ideal establishments for their pet boarding, daycare needs, grooming etc., there is great appeal when the business demonstrates gentle care and an understanding that many dogs will enter their doors with all kinds of anxiety. By offering a comfortable, secure bed, the pet parents will be at ease, knowing their pet will have a perfect spot to rest and sleep while away from their home.

Recovery aid

For pets in veterinary care, creating a safe and cozy place to rest, using an anxiety-relieving bed can offer the benefit of quicker healing, giving them a supportive, more comfortable bed. Calmer dogs certainly heal faster. When they feel more at ease, it aids in their recovery.

Adding an anti-anxiety dog bed to your business

Providing anxiety-calming dog beds in your pet-focused business can greatly benefit both the dogs and the overall vibe of your establishment. It not only benefits pets by reducing their stress but improves overall well-being, supports behavioral needs, and enhances the customer experience. Ultimately these factors contribute to a more successful and pet-friendly business. If you are looking to add a calming dog bed to your business, Pet Therapeutics is here to help! Contact us and we can help meet your dog bed needs.

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