Case Study

Understanding How ProEdge™ & Science
Collaboratively Help Reduce
Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) in Dogs


Fear Free ® offers science-based, behavior-led strategies to prevent and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets in boarding and daycare environments.


ProEdge™ consulted a panel of experts from the Center for Canine Behavior Studies to evaluate how dogs may be positively affected by its exclusive pet bed features such as high sides and corners, designed with reference to Fear Free strategies.


Science-Based Design
  • How does the ProEdge™ design reduce stimulation overload to become an ideal place for downtime and rest?
  • There is scientific evidence that providing “lateral side pressure” produces a positive feeling of well-being and puts animals at ease. The cushioned, high-side design of the ProEdge™ pet bed allows a dog to lean and apply pressure to its flank, providing the feeling of safety for downtime and rest.


Reduce Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS)
  • Replicating a home environment to maintain a learned preference for sleeping & resting. Simulating the comfort of home in a boarding facility provides an environmental enrichment, which is constructive for improving a dog’s well-being, by appealing to its sense of touch.
  • Using a ProEdge™ pet bed, which is designed much like human furniture, should provide some comfort for lodged dogs, perhaps reducing stress as they transition from home to a boarding environment. 
  • Reproducing in part a home environment with a ProEdge™ pet bed is envisioned as an environmental enrichment that could be a stress reducer while in a boarding facility.
Fear Free Fortress
  • A ProEdge™ pet bed, with its raised sides could be considered what the Fear Free initiative refers to as a “fear free fortress”, or safe space for dogs.
  • Adding the furniture-like ProEdge™ pet bed to a pet enclosure may well provide a form of environmental enrichment which helps dogs feel more at home when in an enclosed space.
  • The well designed ProEdge™ pet bed provides dogs with an opportunity to be more comfortable and content in a boarding or daycare facility.


Providing for a Dog’s Well-Being
  • Removing FAS triggers by providing a safe and comfortable space like a Fear Free Fortress should be beneficial for a dog’s well-being. The ProEdge™ design of high-sides and corners promotes curling and leaning, both of which allow the dog to be relaxed and feel protected.
  • Improving a dog’s well-being, by adding a ProEdge™ bed for comfort, may well improve the likelihood of a more emotionally enjoyable outcome from a boarding experience.

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