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Elevate the Grooming Experience

Luxury Cage-Free Grooming
Salon Day Lounger

Salons, Groomers, Stylists

Guests Enjoy


Emotional Comfort

Cozy Memory Foam

Groomers Need

Easy-to-Clean & Disinfect

99% Chew-Proof

Performance Warranty


How a National Pet Boarding Franchisor Leverages

Premium Pet Beds for Premium Pricing


A rise in pet ownership and changing lifestyles has resulted in an increased demand for pet boarding, daycare, and related services.

K9 Resorts is a leader in the pet boarding industry, targeting the upscale segment of the market, by building luxury boarding facilities nationally through their award-winning franchise program.

Recognizing our nearly 20 years of expertise in pet furniture designed for the home, K9 challenged us to build a commercial version of our luxury pet bed which became well-known through shopping Wayfair, Chewy and Petco.


The goal was to build comfort, luxury, durability, and easy maintenance into a bedding solution fitting for a luxury pet boarding facility, which would withstand years of use.

A single option is all that has existed until today. The cot offers nothing special or luxurious.


Customers’ love of their pets has created a demand for more indulgence and a sense of security when they drop their pets off for boarding.

In the case of K9 Resorts, years of feedback established the basis to offer pet guests staying in luxury suites a real enhancement to the boarding experience for both the pet and pet parent.


Years of real-time performance testing resulted in the development and introduction of the ProEdge™ pet bed.

Utilizing 99% chew-proof vinyl and virtually indestructible Arm Guards, the final solution is not only astonishingly luxurious, but super durable and easy to disinfect. Built in parts, the sections are simple and inexpensive to replace.


Whether you’re building new or upgrading, there is no better solution to the customers’ demand for greater luxury and safe comfort for their dog staying for a night or a week.

What is an Anxiety-Calming Day Lounger?

An exclusively designed Lounger
which creates a calming & protected
spot for a pet to rest & wait in unfamiliar
surroundings, such as a grooming salon.

Pet friendly businesses wish to
introduce a service to build customer
loyalty, gratification and revenue.

Pet owners are willing to travel for
peace of mind, to find a grooming salon
where they know their pet feels safe and
is well cared for.

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Provides a Solution.

  • Easy-to-Clean and Disinfect
  • Extremely Durable
  • Replacement parts available
  • Elevates the Grooming Experience

Monetize Your Investment

Why it makes financial sense to invest $499.99*
in a Anxiety-Calming Day Lounger

Grooming Salons provide an elevated experience and an incredible journey for their pet guests while they wait.

Grooming Salons may add a premium for a Free from Fear clipping and deliver a service upgrade.

Quantity Discounts Available*  Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Simple Assembly - No Tools Required

Replacement Parts Available


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Final Assembly

for easy cleaning

· Flip bed over

· Press down to unlatch clips

Introducing Arm Guards

Offering years of unbroken service

Heavy-Duty Solid Durability

Prevents unwanted biting & gnawing

Easy-to-Clean & Disinfect

Designed for years of endurance

Replacement parts available

Preserves your investment

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