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About Our Pet Sofas & Cushions

Our Durable Comfort™ upholstery paired with reinforced wood-frame construction creates the foundation for our Anxiety-Calming, Secure Sleep design. It is the first pet sofa developed with input from pet resorts and hotels, and specifically designed for commercial use.

Anxiety-Calming Secure Sleep Design refers to the sofa’s profile surrounding the sleeping area which fosters a pet’s natural instinct to feel protected.

  • Supportive cushion allows the pet to find their ideal spot.
  • High sides provide a sense of security.
  • The sturdy upholstered sides provide the perfect anxiety-calming space.

Any bored or determined pet may be able to destroy the sofa and if the dog is strong enough nothing can be done. However, our special milled Durable Comfort™ Upholstery is thicker and strong than standard fabrics to help deter damage. In addition, we’ve added Durable Comfort™ X, NO CHEW Arm Shield as another layer of protection.

Yes, PetTherapeutics™ mills exclusive Durable Comfort™ X heavy-weight upholstery which covers the sofa’s high-use areas. Durable Comfort™ is water resistant, has superior seam strength, breaking strength and puncture resistance.

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