Black dog lying down in a beige dog bed.

How Pet Therapeutics Differs From a Regular Cot-Style Dog Bed

Cot-style dog beds are simple in design. They offer dogs a place to sleep while being elevated off the floor, however, due to their simplicity, they sometimes lack an extra level of cozy comfort. That’s where Pet Therapeutics comes in! Pet Therapeutics has designed its dog beds with a number of features that regular cot-style dog beds do not offer.  Even at first glance, the ProEdge, anxiety-calming, orthopedic dog beds by Pet Therapeutics are beautiful, fine quality furniture made for pets.  The comfort and support level of these beds is evident right away. Let’s take a more detailed look at how Pet Therapeutics differs from a cot-style dog bed. 


Regular cot-style dog beds are generally designed simply as a place for pets to rest or sleep. They typically provide a basic level of comfort and are usually made with a material stretched over a frame, made with metal or PVC.  These dog beds do not usually have a significant amount of padding or foam for extra comfort or support. They are most often elevated from the floor, which can be beneficial in hot weather or for draft-free sleeping in colder spaces.

Black dog lying down in a brown orthopedic dog bed


Two dogs lying in a gray orthopedic dog bed.The Pet Therapeutics anti-anxiety dog bed is specifically designed to provide comfort and a sense of security for dogs who experience anxiety or stress. They feature supportive orthopedic memory foam, high sides which offer a feeling of security and protection, and they are also elevated to offer draft-free sleep. All in all, creating a cozy and secure environment that helps reduce anxiety and promotes sheer comfort.

In contrast, the cot-style dog bed does not focus on creating a luxury sleeping environment which would foster a secure comfort level to alleviate anxiety or stress that many dogs experience.  It also does not afford dogs that sink-in suppleness and coziness that the Pet Therapeutics dog beds provide. 

In addition, the arms of the Pet Therapeutics dog beds are intentionally designed as a headrest, as dogs love having a comfortable elevated place to rest their chins or their heads. This important comfort feature does not exist on the typical cot-style dog bed.

These contrasts mark the difference between instilling a sense of calm, comfort and security in a dog bed vs. simply providing just a basic place to sleep.


The cot-style dog bed is usually made with a material stretched over a metal or PVC frame. In its barracks style design and outdated technology, it doesn’t afford the luxurious comfort and support that the Pet Therapeutics dog beds offer.

The ProEdge dog beds by Pet Therapeutics are made with a high quality, vegan leather which is essentially ‘chew-proof’ and washable. This water-proof material is custom milled for durability and has been extensively tested for thousands of nights for puncture and tear resistance as well. Superior seam strength and sturdy wood frame construction make a solid, stable and comfortable dog bed which will withstand the test of time (and even rambunctious dogs!).  

Another outstanding feature of the ProEdge bed is its cleanability. As it is manufactured with water-proof material, these can easily be cleaned with disinfectant spray cleaners or washed down with good old-fashioned soap and water. This is essential in boarding situations where multiple dogs use the beds. 

The Unique Parts Replacement Program Distinction of Pet Therapeutics

As we know, there are times when a normally calm and well-adjusted dog finds himself in an environment where separation anxiety and fear triggers destructive behavior. Often by no fault of the dog himself, but merely the situational stressors, it is not uncommon for an anxious dog to gnaw on his bed in a desperate attempt to soothe his nerves. The resulting damage may not have been about spite or misbehavior, but just the dog’s attempt to calm himself in that moment.

These extenuating circumstances, when even the most durable material might be breached, bring us to the good news regarding Pet Therapeutics’ robust parts replacement program.

The parts replacement program offers each part of the bed which may have been destroyed to be replaced.  The first replacement part will be free and complimentary.  Each subsequent part is available for purchase at a nominal fee at the Pet Therapeutics website.

Monetizing Your Investment in Pet Therapeutics ProEdge Dog Beds

When deciding whether to choose a traditional cot-style dog bed, it’s important to remember the long-term benefits of a durable, comfortable dog bed. Pet friendly businesses can recapture their investment and enhance their revenue with a small upcharge for providing exceptional luxury with a ProEdge, anti-anxiety, orthopedic dog bed. Not only will pet parents love the additional comfort for their pup, business owners will also benefit from using a durable dog bed. 

By offering the reliable parts replacement program, Pet Therapeutics’ commitment to quality and customer service promotes long term sustainability for their dog beds, which also ensures an extraordinary return on investment.

Choosing a Pet Therapeutics Dog Bed

A cute little dog lies covered with a gray plaid. The muzzle of a Jack Russell Terrier sticks out from under the blanket.

In summary, a Pet Therapeutics dog bed provides an elevated experience for the pet, the pet parent, and the pet focused business. These dog beds are stylish, high quality, anxiety-calming, and create a safe space. They are comfortable, durable, and reliable over time, and their superiority and performance will instill confidence that the ProEdge dog bed is a winner all around.

With the high level of service, support and customer satisfaction, which affords the opportunity to replace parts in the rare case of unusable damage, businesses who cater to the pet community will increase its value and stand out as unique and best in class when utilizing the Pet Therapeutics ProEdge dog beds. Contact us today to learn more about our dog beds!

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